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Post Cookie World


At Pi, we are ready for a post cookie world.

Our digital team is already equipped at managing campaigns that utilise unique targeting strategies  such as the ones listed below:


  • Custom bidder
  • Header bidding
  • Contextual targeting
  • Device ID
  • First-party Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

Brand Safety


Pi-rate has built-in capabilities for fraud detection through behavioural, network, browser and device analyses. We have assembled a dedicated team of experts with the primary objective of identifying malware analysis through third party fraud tools.

Additionally, our partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS) ensures that your advertising is protected from wasted impressions and lower Return on Investment (ROI) (https://integralads.com/).

Data Privacy


In the course of delivering an ad to you via our platform, we ensure that we do not intentionally collect information that reveals your real-world identity, such as your name, address or phone number.

Pi-rate collects data about your computer or device through the use of cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies. This information is pseudonymous and is not considered to be personal information in several of the jurisdictions in which we operate. However, in some other jurisdictions in which we operate, in certain contexts, such information, including Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and other pseudonymous information, may be considered personal information.

The information Pi-rate collects includes common information found in every communication sent over the Internet from which we are capable of inferring important data conducive to browser type ( for example, Chrome or Internet Explorer); operating system (for example, Mac OS or Windows); browser language (for example, English or Spanish); Internet Protocol (IP) address; Internet Service Provider (for example, Comcast or Verizon); and mobile advertising identifier, for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.