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We enjoy the distinct advantage of drawing on our comprehensive knowledge and experience gained over 30 years in key markets including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, South America, UK, and The Americas. The insights attained by our team are proprietary to Pi.

We have a strong and stable programmatic strategy team relevant education experience in customisable tech and reporting.

The Pi programmatic platform employs our first-party relationships in every country where we operate, and wherever necessary, we draw upon applicable industry-standard data sources and syndicated research.

Post Cookie World

We are, post cookie world, ready!

Our digital team is already equipped to manage campaigns that utilise unique targeting strategies, including:

  • Custom and header bidders
  • Contextual targeting
  • Device ID intelligence
  • Our owned, as well as partner, first-party data platforms (DMPs)

Brand Safety

Pi-rate has built-in capabilities for fraud detection through behavioural, network, browser and device analyses. We have assembled a dedicated team of experts with the primary objective of identifying malware analysis through industry-standard third party fraud tools. Additionally, our partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS) ensures that your advertising is protected from wasted impressions, consequently lower return on investment.

Data Privacy

Pi is an accredited provider in all jurisdictions and we meet the legal hurdles set for data privacy in all markets.

In the course of delivering an ad to you via our platform, we do not intentionally collect information that reveals real-world identity or information considered personal. Some of the information Pi-rate collects ( subject to the applicable law in a country or region) includes common information sent over the Internet from which we are capable of inferring important data conducive to browser type ( e.g. Chrome or Internet Explorer); operating system (e.g. Mac OS or Windows); browser language ; Internet Protocol (IP) address; Internet Service Provider (e.g. Comcast or Verizon); and identifiers for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.