Metaverse is here and its time businesses and brands adapt their marketing goals to the rapidly transforming digital ecosystem. With trademark applications rapidly piling in US, Europe, and India, know that Metaverse is here and in all probability your business needs to re-position its goals to leverage the value of downloadable virtual goods, immersive retail experience, and non-downloadable virtual accessories.


Our dedicated team of professionals have explored the length and breadth of Web3 to help brands transform the relationship they vie with their customers and community in the decentralized internet.

A quick chat with our our team can help companies reposition their goals and alleviate their fears. Publisher’s Internationalè is here to edit the hype and convert metaevents, goods, and spaces into reality. We can chalk out the most apt plan for a business - big or small - and provide it a premium space in the virtual universe where the world is expected to connect seamlessly - apart from the crowd, but never away from the eyes.

Solutions offered

We hold unmatched expertise in brand-positioning for Tourism and Education industries. For Metaverse we provide the following services:

  • Land Buying
  • Setting up your virtual office/shop.
  • Sale and purchase of NFTs
  • Consultancy for the right Metaverse platform
  • OTT advertising in Metaverse - signage, billboards, and other physical ads.
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand Content Creation for Metaverse Audience
  • Organising virtual meets for brand awareness
  • Promote virtual events