Sina Education Advertorial:

In order to organically create strong brand awareness in China, Publisher’s Internationale created an advertorial piece about student experience based on Melbourne Law School’s requirements and published the article on one of China’s largest education channels: Sina Education. The article was listed as recommended content on Sina Education’s homepage, as well as shared with 5 million Sina Education followers on Weibo.

Weibo Newsfeed Video Banner:

Weibo has become the largest short video sharing platform in China, and so Melbourne Law School was advised to use an engaging video to attract organic shares and to drive traffic to its Chinese landing page. The result exceeded expectations – nearly 1,000 interactions (shares, comments and likes) and more than 1,500 clicks were generated within 7 days.


Weibo Search Keyword Takeover: 

With an increase in the quality of content created on Weibo, an increasing number of people are starting to use Weibo as their preferred search engine for genuine, peer generated content. Hence, Publisher’s Internationale recommended Weibo Search Keyword Buyout was recommended to Melbourne Law School, who then took over the term “留学” (study overseas) for 3 months. During campaign period, more than 1.5 million users searched this keyword on Weibo and each of these users was greeted by Melbourne Law School’s banner, their Weibo account recommendation and sponsored content as the top search results.