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Championing Entrepreneurial Capitalism In Asia

Launched in September 2005, Forbes Asia serves as Asia-Pacific’s definitive voice celebrating entrepreneurial capitalism and business. Written and edited specifically for Asia-based top management, entrepreneurs and those aspiring to positions of corporate leadership, Forbes Asia chronicles wealth creation, entrepreneurial success and economic growth throughout Asia.


TIME’s mission is to tell the stories that matter most, to spark conversations that drive global change, and to provide context and understanding to the issues and events that define our time.

Robb Report Defines Connoisseurship

For more than 40 years, Robb Report has served as the authoritive voice in the global luxury market. It is widely regarded as the single most influential journal of living life to the fullest

SilverKris – Singapore Airlines

Engage 19.2 million travellers worldwide at every stage of their journey,  across print and digital platforms – on the world’s most awarded airline. The world’s most awarded carrier, Singapore Airlines (SIA) flies 1.6 million travellers every single month, via 3,400 flights, and its expansive network includes 370 destinations in 86 countries.

Vera Virgin Atlantic

An iconic British challenger brand Innovative, famous for their friendly service and with a unique spirit, Virgin Atlantic are an  airline that customers love to fly Founded by Sir Richard Branson in 1984, with the aim of offering a great customer experience Virgin Atlantic now fly to over 30 of the world’s  most popular destinations.

Atlas – Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. Etihad currently serves over 112 of the world’s most exciting international destinations, and has become known for award-winning product and service innovations. In 2016, Etihad Airways was awarded the World’s Leading Airline at the World Travel Awards for the eighth year in a row.

Shubh yatra – Air India

shubh yatra is created for the jet-setting, affluent and informed flyer. Created by an award-winning editorial team, the magazine is divided between in-depth travel articles, crisp guides for the business traveller and luxury lifestyle trends. The monthly magazine covers fashion, automobiles, watches, technology, restaurants/bars, film, business icons, sports and culture. beautifully designed, shubh yatra strikes the perfect balance between Indian heritage and global living.

American Airways


From the airline who brought the world the first transcontinental jet flight, the first VIP lounge and the first loyalty program, comes a stunning magazine worthy of the world’s largest airline.


A familiar brand yet fresh and beautifully reimagined to reflect American’s leadership position.

Norwegian Air

With 33 million passengers per year, 150 aircraft in the fleet and around 250 aircraft on order, Norwegian Air is Europe’s best low-cost airline for five successive years.

It has been awarded the World´s best low-cost long-haul airline for three years running.

One of the worlds fastest growing airlines and yet, one of the youngest and greenest fleets in the world.

+852 Hong Kong Airlines

+852 is the new, completely reimagined title for Hong Kong Airlines. Named after Hong Kong’s international calling code, the airline’s energetic and dynamic home city is the magazine’s beating heart.

Drawing from the city’s strong design and arts tradition, +852 has a bold, graphic design that make it unique among inflight titles.

SMILE – Cebu Pacific Air

One of the region’s most beloved in-flight magazines, Smile is exclusively distributed onboard Cebu Pacific Airlines, with a monthly distribution of over 80,000 copies. Smile is the authority on travel around the Philippines, and around a wider international network, for Filipino travelers. We’ve been voted Best Airline Magazine in the Philippines and Asia by, and our travel and lifestyle features have won awards at Asia Publishing Awards.

Oryx – QATAR Airways

The luxury magazine for Qatar Airways Oryx is a deluxe travel magazine with a different theme each month – from Water  and Senses to Passion and Style. Available in all classes, with a high-end  finish, it reinforces the five-star quality of Qatar Airways.

The magazine features great reads and elegant design, with a focus on quality,  beauty and pared-back luxury

The Mabuhay – Philippine Airlines

July 2016 saw the launch of a rebranded Mabuhay, the much-loved inflight magazine of Philippine Airlines (PAL). The title’s upgrade includes spotlighting inspiring personalities from around the world, stories that motivate readers to explore PAL’s network of destinations and photo spreads that capture happenings across the Philippines’ magnificent islands and beyond. Both worldly and warm, the new Mabuhay provides loyal readers with a fresh start.

Silkwinds Singapore Regional Airlines

Be it temple-hopping in Yogyakarta or hiking in the hills outside Hanoi, SilkAir’s reimagined inflight magazine, Silkwinds, is all about getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most captivating destinations.

SilverKris– Singapore Airlines

  • 80.000 copies per month
  • 1.2 million readers per month

   HUB: Singapore

  Top 5 destinations

  • London 78,400 per month
  • New York 13,400 per month
  • Los Angeles 15,232 per month
  • Sydney 67,648 per month
  • Jakarta 112,448 per month

The Mabuhay – Philippine Airlines

  • 80.000copies per month
  • 1.2 million readers per month
  • HUB: Manila, Clark and Cebu


 Top 5 INTERNATIONAL destinations

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Shanghai
  • Singapore
  • Sydney


Top 5 REGIONAL destinations

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Incheon
  • Bangkok
  • Narita

+852 Hong Kong Airlines Inflight magazine

40 global destinations
820,000 passengers per month

 Top 5 destinations

  • Los Angeles – 18,704
  • Shanghai – 86,432
  • Tokyo – 44,384
  • Bangkok – 95,776
  • Vancouver – 16,352

Silkwinds Singapore Regional Airlines

  • Over 100 destinations
  • 390,000 passengers per month
  • HUB – Singapore

 Top 5 destinations

  • Kuala Lumpur 35,000 per month
  • Penang 22,650 per month
  • Phuket 22,650 per month
  • Phnom Penh 13,650 per month
  • Yangon 13,050 per month

Vera Virgin Atlantic

  • Over 30 global destinations
  • 179,092 passengers per month

 Top 5 destinations

  • New York – 78,239
  • Orlando – 34,826
  • Los Angeles – 24,109
  • San Francisco – 22,297
  • Las Vegas – 19.621

Oryx – QATAR Airways

  • 3 million passenger per month

Top 5 destinations

  • United Kingdom – 330,000
  • Germany – 180,000
  • USA – 180,000
  • France – 150,000
  • Australia – 120,000

SMILE – Cebu Pacific Air

  • 1.6 million passenger per month
  • 37 domestic destinations
  • 25 international destinations

Top 5 destinations

  • Manila

Atlas – Etihad Airways

 Top 5 destinations

  • London
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Singapore
  • Sydney

N – Norwegian Air

  • 3 million passengers per month

 Top 6 destinations

  • New York – 100,00
  • Chicago – 420,000
  • London/Gatwick
  • Scandinavia – 1.5 million
  • Spain – 500,000
  • Bangkok – 50,000


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