• Tapping the market: Gain a deep understanding of the Chinese eMarket and how to use social/digital marketing to tap into the marketplace.
  • Habits & trends: Understand the habits and trends of the modern Chinese consumer.
  • In-depth understanding: Form an in-depth understanding of China’s digital media landscape and key differences.
  • China’s tech giants: WeChat, Weibo, Alibaba, Tencent, ++
  • Get familiar other Chinese digital platforms: There’s more to China’s digital space than just WeChat, Weibo and Alibaba. Learn about Douyin, Bilibili, Toutiao, ++
  • Key opinion leaders: Understanding the importance of engaging different types of Chinese KOLs to influence consumers at different stages of decision making. Learn how and how much to pay them to run effective social media marketing campaigns.
  • What are Shuijun and how to avoid them? Find and audit your KOLs before promotion.
  • Target and reach: Reach and attract Chinese tourists and consumers to your business’ products/service offerings.
  • Local teams with on ground support and accountability
  • Strategise your campaign, set realistic budgets and KPIs
  • Step-by-step guide to launch an effective campaign
  • Media placement options
  • Case studies
  • Pi owned programmatic and reporting tools


Weibo incorporates elements from a variety of prominent social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube. Weibo has over 558 million users world-wide, and approximately 313 million of those are active monthly users.


WeChat is an IM (instant messaging) service, comparable to WhatsApp. It boasts 1.1 billion users, and 846 million of these accounts are active monthly.


KOLs are bloggers, celebrities and “influencers” of social media platforms. They usually have official, verified accounts.

Weibo KOLs help to build brand image and foster trust among consumers. They also encourage followers to repost and comment on content, helping to convert them into customers.

KOL sponsored content on WeChat is usually written in long from format, with interviews and short biographies being the most popular.

FUN Facts

  • 340M monthly active users on Weibo
  • 1.2M Chinese social media accounts in Australia
  • 68M impressions generated for our clients
  • 1.2 million+ Australian registered Chinese social media users
  • 2.1 million+ Weibo posts are published in Australia monthly
  • A minimum of 46 minutes is spent on Chinese social media daily
  • An average of 8 business accounts are followed by each Chinese social media user
  • 43% of users favour products shared by their peers on social media
  • 60% of Chinese consumers identify WeChat and Weibo as their main online source of information on luxury goods
  • 64.4% of users have interacted with an advertisement on Weibo