Buy on Platform

Bop was developed with the very simple idea of making traditional media advertising easier to buy in a digital age.

The world’s first programmatic platform for print is here.


BOP® (Buy on Platform) is the very first real-time private trading platform for print media, providing agencies with instant access to print advertising inventory in an easy-to-use buying format.

Features include contract based trading, private offers, inventory requests, reporting and billing integration.

The centralised portal allows publishers to place inventory in front of media agencies rapidly and efficiently, revolutionising the way print inventory is traded.

As a corollary to its role as a trading platform, BOP acts as a natural source of truth on all sales and auctions for both publishers and agencies. It thereby harmonises the invoicing and billing functions of all counterparties. Additionally, it can associate publisher booking reference numbers and agency key numbers with its own identifiers to provide flexibility in referencing for older systems.

Current booking process (without BOP)

Booking process using BOP